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Tory Burch Women's Boots

Launched in 2004, Tory Burch is known for designs that combine understated Upper East Side elegance with bohemian chic. This label's clothes, accessories, and shoes are tasteful and expensive without being ostentatious. The logos are simple yet intriguing. They are visually interesting without dominating designs. In just over a decade, the Tory Burch logo has come to signal sophistication and taste.

The designer maintains a fairly high profile and her personal style has informed the direction of the brand since its inception. Bright colors and statement prints are among her signatures. Many of the brand’s most popular designs evoke the bohemian 1970s. Tory Burch has become something of an icon. She is an active philanthropist and even made an appearance on Gossip Girl.

Tory Burch boots are high quality and attractive — everything from classic black and brown leather to more adventurous animal prints and embroidered details. The Quilted Riding Boots evoke a weekend at an aristocratic country house. The Cassidy Lace-Up Embroidered Bootie evokes the Victorian era. Serious fashionistas love the more adventurous offerings, like the Leather Peep Toe Bootie. You can identify a Tory Burch boot by the T or double T logo. It can be found embossed in the leather, or included in the metal rings on the boots.

Tory Burch boots are available in knee-high, over-the-knee, and ankle heights. The collection includes the sporty Cooper Shearling boot, practical footwear for a snowy day. The Round-Toed Bootie, with its platform and statement heel, is perfect for a night out on the town. Whatever the design, Tory Burch boots are perfect for everyone, from stay-at-home Moms to busy executives. There is something perfect for every stylish woman.