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Often, it is difficult to find a pair of booties that works all the time. While not with every outfit, every woman should have a couple of booties that she can just throw on without planning an entire outfit around it. Such boots should complete an outfit once everything is figured out and act as a final addition. One of the few versatile footwear choices available that can help any woman achieve just that is pink booties.

Pink booties are available in a vast range of styles, but the most prevalent are closed-toe booties like the Aquazzura women’s ankle booties and peep-toe choices such as Gucci booties. In the closed-toe category of pink booties, there are different shapes for the toe-bed; broad-rounded, pointed and roper shaped. The pointed-toe pink bootie is a dressier choice, while the rounded-toe variety can be used for both casual and formal wear.

The number one rule in every fashionista’s life is that when in doubt, wear white and black. The classic combination will work with everything, including pink booties. It all depends on the look an individual is trying to recreate, especially when one is new to colorful shoe trends. For example, if attending a Fashion Week event, these booties would go well with a matching pink outfit. However, for everyday wear, a black and white ensemble combined with the pink boots will still have people stop and notice.

Confidence is all that is needed to rock pink booties. Nothing is more attractive than a confident, smiling lady walking with her head held high down the street. In fact, the prettiest girls are happy, and it’s almost impossible to walk down a street in happy feet without smiling at the world. Regardless of the materials that they are made of, these booties have proven to be necessary footwear for every fashion-conscious girl out there.