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The North Face is celebrating its 50th birthday this year. What started out as a performance brand appealing to mainly adventurers and explorers has over the decades been able to carve a unique niche for itself, that of a true crossover brand. Meaning, it has maintained and evolved its performance capabilities and is also recognizable on the street as a style statement. It's a positioning that is attempted by many but achieved only by the very few. So how has it been able to achieve this? One aspect that is personal to me is that once you experience The North Face, you are a loyalist. My son, who turned 5 this month, has been wearing The North Face since he was born. He first wore the Lil’ Snuggler Down Bunting and later graduated to the Moondoggy Down Jacket. This jacket is perfect for young boys because it is extra warm, has a snug fit, and looks super cool. However, both my son and I love this jacket, most of all because it comes with a hood. Parents know that a hood will stay on an active boy’s head more often than a hat, which is essential when it gets cold, and for my son it means that he can just pull up his hood and get out of the door to play in the snow in record speed. The North Face is the brand you want your children to wear so they can play outside for hours, have fun, and stay warm!