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David Yurman may be best known for his cable designs, particularly with his bracelets. There are so many other facets to his line. Yurman was asked in an interview once why he thought the cable had become “such a signature for [his] line." His response was that it’s “an ancient form that runs through everything [he] does . . . As a motif, it expresses the idea of unity in a strikingly visual way. Cable is a helix . . . Like DNA, also a helix, it has endless possibilities."

One of the signature cable pieces in David Yurman bracelets is the Renaissance Cuff featuring citrine, iolite, and garnet. It’s presented in sterling silver with 14K gold settings on each end. The sterling is alternately highly polished and blackened. The hinge opening keeps it securely on a size 6 inch or smaller wrist. Each fancy-cut citrine is 9.45mm. The round cabochon garnets are 3.75mm, and each iolite is a 5.10 square facet. A pouch is included.

The Five-Row Confetti Cuff, featured in 18K gold and diamonds, is another variation on the cable motif. Scattered amid the five golden cable strands is 0.78 carats of diamonds. The round, square, navette, and oval shapes are achieved using brilliant cut diamonds. It’s like looking up into a starry night sky. Each end is finished with an 18K gold cover.

Also included in the Renaissance Collection from David Yurman bracelets is the Three-Tiered Diamond and Topaz Linked Bracelet. It requires some careful study to appreciate the detail. The three tiers of cable-linked sterling silver with gems interspersed create over 100 grams of elegance. The tiers are alternated between almost a carat and a half of round brilliant-cut diamonds and fancy-cut clear blue topaz. The fold-over closure keeps it secure on the wrist.

There are so many components to consider in the David Yurman bracelets collection. He combines elements of every aspect of the world around him and reimagines them into works of art. Like the DNA he mentioned, they’re coded with the life he breathes into them.