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Manny Mashouf had a dream and the passion to provide a different brand of confident apparel for the modern woman when he emigrated to the U.S. in the 1970s. In 1976, the doors of the first Bebe boutique in San Francisco opened. The name for his brand, pronounced "bee-bee", came from the Shakespeare play Hamlet, and it quickly intrigued women and young adults alike. Fast forward more than 40 years later, and Bebe has become a worldwide phenomenon; becoming one of the world's foremost fashion retailers. Bebe has been seen in magazines, on TV, on the red carpet, walking down fashion runways, and worn by some of the most famous celebrities.

Bebe's dresses have been featured on runways and red carpets all over the world. From evening gowns to cocktail dresses, bodycon dresses, and Bebe dresses on sale, Bebe has it all. Bebe's clothing aren't just accessible to celebrities and those with wealthy incomes either. The company offers affordable runway options, as well as many opportunities to purchase some favorite Bebe dresses on sale. Casual Bebe dresses on sale like the Teresa Net dress and evening gowns like the Double V-Neck Metallic gown are a few of Bebe's fan-favorites. Celebrities like Rebecca Romijn, Eva Longoria, and Kim Kardashian have all had ad campaigns with the popular brand.

Many people accredit Manny Mashouf and the brand Bebe for creating the first contemporary fashion brand. He filled a demographic at a time in the industry when it wasn't being addressed. Bebe has given modern, contemporary, high-quality fashion to a group of women that don't fall into either the young or old categories. Bebe has become a brand that represents sophistication, confidence, and attitude. From its beginning stages of giving fashion to an age group that was underrepresented, Bebe has become more of a mindset rather than an age. Bebe is an attitude all its own.