Gold Sequin Dresses

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Sequins are mostly associated with celebrations to mark the coming year amid even shinier decorations. Apart from being party dresses, gold sequin gowns add a touch of classiness when used in combination with accessories such as a pearl choker or princess-length necklace. Metal jewelry works well with the dresses since they do not compete with the sparkle. Gold sequin gowns like the Badgley Mischka Collection sequin cowl-back gown are perfect for special occasions and evenings out.

While not an official requirement, the Olympics would not be what it is today without a little of pageantry and sparkle. In the 2016 Rio Olympics, Gisele Bundchen set the scene by appearing in a gold, sequin-covered dress at the opening ceremony. The history of sequin goes further back beyond the Michael Jackson era. Actually, it goes back as far as 1341 B.C.! King Tut’s tomb had what was described as gold, sequin-like disks meant to ensure that he had financial stability in the afterlife. The word sequin is a derivative of the Arabic phrase “Sikka," which means “coin." Sewing the golden discs on clothing was a status symbol. In some cases, they even doubled up as coins for trade. In the ancient civilizations of Peru, India, and Egypt, sequins were used for warding off evil spirits.

Eventually, sequins have become a purely decorative material. Intricate, gold, sequin gowns experienced an unprecedented resurgence in the 1920s following the finding of King Tut’s tomb. Today, the dresses are even more popular with stars like Sarah Jessica Parker wearing one on a Glamour magazine cover.

Gold sequin gowns are available sleeveless, long sleeved, patterned, and even beaded, like the Jenny Packham sequin beaded gown. Gold sequins are bold and eye-catching, and they should be allowed to stand on their own by keeping the rest of the look low-key. However, this does not mean that the wearer cannot have fun styling the gown as long as it’s appropriate depending on the occasion and location.