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A flattering dress is an important item in any woman's wardrobe that helps her feel confident as it shows off her best personal features. Close attention to detail and thought about how the dress will fit on the body is crucial when choosing the right dress. One of the most important aspects of any dress is the waist. For many women, dropped waist dresses are an ideal combination of style and ease of wear. The lowered waist helps slim the torso and create a line that looks slim, modern and elegant. Choosing dropped waist dresses means deciding on many factors including the length of the dress, the type of materials wanted such as cotton or silk and the neckline. Keep in mind that dropped waist dresses frequently have many other kinds of details, such as flared skirt that helps draw attention a pair of long legs or ruffles that can frame the face.

This Fantastic scuba drop waist dress, for example, is indicative of the kind of classic style typical of the dropped waist look. The monotone hue hugs the bust and hips with a pop of eye-catching color. The dress is softened at the end by the use of a ruffle that extends out from the thighs and adds a sense of movement. This is a dress that can easily go from the boardroom to casual afternoon with friends. The drop waist look is also an ideal dress for evening events. This embellished mesh drop waist dress fits across the torso and then falls to the calves. The overall effect is one that works well with many types of figures. A woman can move freely with this dress, making it a great thing to wear if she plans to hit the dance floor. The dropped waist dress is at once traditional and contemporary.