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High Neck Women's Dresses

High-neck dresses are a timeless classic. These versatile dresses can be worn in both professional and casual settings. They come in a variety of different patterns, colors, cuts, and lengths. Nearly every fashion brand, from heavy hitters like Gucci to small boutiques, produces their own take on the high-collar dress.

One of the most popular options is made by J.O.A. This dress is black with a slim fit. It features a flared bottom to accentuate your silhouette. J.O.A's dress is relatively short, so it may be better for casual situations. Another popular offering is the Claudie Perlot take on the high-neck dress. This dress features a paisley print, which makes it a little bit more unique. It has a medium-length design with the bottom of the dress coming down just below the knee. This dress, as is the case with most high-collar dresses, has long sleeves. It has a looser fit for greater comfort.

Many celebrities and notable figures have been spotted out and about wearing high-neck dresses. Celebrities that have been seen wearing this style of dress include Emma Watson, Jessica Chastain, and Anna Faris. Many everyday women have been inspired to begin wearing high-collar dresses by the fashion choices of these style icons. High-collar dresses are classics that will always be in style.