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A pencil dress is one of the most versatile items a lady could have in her closet. One of the reasons for its popularity is that it's an excellent option to wear to work, interviews, and meetings. Aside from its professional appeal, it's also an option to wear for going out with friends, running errands, and several other instances. Depending on the style, it could also be appropriate for more formal occasions such as attending a wedding.

Victoria Beckham and Eva Longoria are just two of the celebs who have fierce fashion sense and opted for the style. Search online and many notable names, including Dolce & Gabbana, Diane von Furstenberg, and Oscar de la Renta, will come up with some gorgeous pencil dresses. They're available in a whole range of colors and patterns so there are plenty from which to choose that are fantastic to wear for a particular circumstance or to a certain event.

A black pencil dress can be a go-to outfit for everything from a wedding to a work function to a funeral. If it's a solid vibrant color that's desired, there are many available including in blue, red, and yellow. Printed options, such as those with flowers, should certainly not be overlooked. With long sleeve, short sleeve, strapless, and spaghetti strap options, there's a dress that's ideal for every season. There are also belted pencil dresses, ones that are embellished or that feature cutout detailing, some that are sheer, and then some.

The right pencil dress can immediately help boost a woman's confidence and give her power to take on the day (or evening!). It's going to be a valuable addition to a wardrobe, and it's even better that there's no worry about having to mix and match a top with a bottom, especially while in a rush. Throw on the perfect shoes, grab a fabulous bag, put on some accessories, and the outfit is ready to go.