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Athleta Reflective Gloves by UR®
Athleta Reflective Gloves by UR®

The ultimate, sweat-wicking gloves for cold-weather training with dialed-in finger and palm patterning so you can use your smartphone without taking your gloves off. INSPIRED FOR: winter training, winter sport To Fro , adventure To Fro ENHANCED GRIP. Silicone optimizes grip and increases hand held device security TOUCH COMPATIBLE. Operate touch screen devices with all five fingers without taking your gloves off. ThermoRadiant Lining. Thermo-conductive ceramic coating helps to absorb and retain radiant body heat for lasting warmth without adding weight or bulk. 9 3/4" Total Length (S/M), 10 1/8" Total Length (L/XL) Polyester/Elastane WICKING. Pulls sweat away from the body so it can evaporate faster WATER-RESISTANT. Sleek fabric wards off unexpected light rain WIND-RESISTANT. Stops wind from passing through the fabric and giving you a chill IT FEELS: lightweight, stretchy Hand wash. Imported.

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