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Burberry is an international luxury brand with a unique British identity. Founded in 1856, Burberry is world renowned for craftsmanship, design, and innovation. With the invention of gabardine by Thomas Burberry in the 1800s, the innovative weatherproof cotton fabric, outwear became the heart of the company's business and remains so today as evidenced by the iconic Burberry trench coat.

The Burberry brand has counted many explorers and entrepreneurs among their patrons. Explorers such as Sir Ernest Shackleton, Sir Captain Robert Falcon Scott, and Roald Amundsen, the first to conquer the South Pole in 1911, enjoyed Burberry gabardine clothing and tents for their lightweight and windproof qualities. Racing drivers of repute, including Malcolm Campbell and Selwyn Edge, were also Burberry fans. In the early days of aviation, aviators dressed in Burberry including one Flying Officer Arthur Clouston who dressed in a one-piece Burberry gabardine flying suit. His co-pilot, Betty Kirby-Green, wore a tailored Burberry ensemble as well.

Today, as a forerunner of innovative and timeless luxury items, Burberry continues to have scores of fans. No handbag collection is complete without a Burberry bag. A woman of simple tastes will enjoy the Banner bag for its classic strength and equestrian designs. Each is a work of art in calf leather, snakeskin, and English-woven House check cotton. Another favorite Burberry bag, the Satchel, is a perfect leather handbag with exquisite hand-stitched details. Its compact crossbody is molded around a wooden shape in Italy to achieve its unique structure. And what handbag collection would be complete without the favorite Burberry bag, the classic tote? Defined by its distinctive buckle detailing, it's made in homage to the trench coat.

Burberry, one of the established, premier creators of luxury handbags, creates items that many purse connoisseurs are thrilled to add as timeless additions to their collections.