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Giani Bernini Handbags

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The hallmarks of Giani Bernini handbags, a private brand created for Macy's, are style and practicality. They focus on handbags and other accessories for style-conscious, busy women. This modern classic brand features quality materials including genuine leather and well-organized interiors that make it easier to quickly find items. Attention is paid to the small details that matter.

Some handbag styles work better with one body type than with another. Here are a few tips on selecting the ideal handbag.

Accentuate the Positive

The bottom of the handbag will accentuate the part of the body where it rests. A lean woman with "boy" hips will seem a bit curvier with a bag that sits on the hips. A woman with larger hips will find that a bag hanging level with the waist is slimming because it points out the waist. In fact, most women will find that bags hanging at waist level are flattering. With this in mind, consider a bag with adjustable straps for everyday use such as the Annabelle Signature Crossbody Bag.

Tiny or Tall?

Petite women can get lost behind an oversized bag. A very small bag, on the other hand, isn't the best choice for a tall or large woman.


When selecting either an everyday bag or one complementing a particular outfit, check magazines for models dressed in similar clothing. Note the type of bags used most often. If those bags aren't to your taste, consider whether a color or material change (perhaps from solid leather to fabric) would be appealing.

A beautiful, well-made Giani Bernini handbag could well become a favorite that holds up beautifully to use and abuse. Best of all, buying a great-looking Giani Bernini won't break the bank.