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Juicy Couture is a popular fashion brand that manufactures formal and casual apparel. The headquarters for this company is located in Arleta. Pamela Skaist-Levy founded Juicy Couture in 1997 with Gela Nash-Taylor. Later, the company was acquired by Liz-Claiborne.

Bags by Juicy Couture are made with professional-grade materials that are stylish, trendy and appealing. When the designers make clutch bags with leather, they strategically pick fabrics that contain 100 percent leather elements and professional-grade grains. Because Juicy Couture bags are designed in a way that's trendy and edgy, the designers include practical and unique hardware on each product to boost value and curb appeal. Gold is a popular material option that's used to design many of the leather bags, and it's typically featured on the buckles and zippers. The stitching methods are also important and are thoroughly considered when Juicy Couture bags are designed. This is why most bags have shoelace stitching or some other fashionable stitching design.

The Zephyr studded handbag benefits consumers who wear bright, bold colors, as this particular Juicy Couture bag has a rock theme. On the outer leather fabric, there are many elements, such as gold hardware and studded gunmetal pieces. Since the Juicy Couture bag has an adjustable strap and durable, stylish zip pockets, it's an ideal accessory for general errands. The Robertson clutch Juicy Couture bag is designed for casual and formal occasions because it has multiple studs that provide flair.

Once items are placed in this accessory, they stay secured since the handbag is designed with a strong magnetic closure. Other Robertson clutches are also available by this brand. One of their unique bags has a leopard graphic on the center of the outer fabric material. Besides these bags, Juicy Couture also makes a variety of backpacks and cases out of professional-grade leather fabrics.

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