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Nicole Miller Handbags

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The now popular luxury brand Nicole Miller was started by a woman of the same name in 1986, as a small department shop on Madison Avenue, New York. Designer Nicole Miller attended various “intense” fashion schools in the United States and abroad, and defined herself as “…Downtown and uptown. I've had a lot of artist friends and I was always a little bit of a renegade.” Her bright prints and trendy patterns have become recognizable worldwide, with over twenty boutiques across the nation, as well as designer items for J.C. Penny, and a home furnishing collection for Bed, Bath and Beyond.

Nicole Miller’s signature style is iconic black or bold colors, with the most emphasis on the fit of the clothing. Careful cutting, curves and necklines is their forte, resulting in a brand that is “subtly sexy.” Many futuristic fabrics and designs have gone into popular choices, ranging from sleek cocktail dress to loungewear, to men’s flashy neckties. The company proudly takes inspiration from influential contemporary art, random 1900s architecture and film, and exotic and colorful cultures around the globe.

An especially popular option from the dazzling brand is the line of Nicole by Nicole Miller purses. Several favorites are the Nicole by Nicole Miller purses Marie Tote, the Cassidy Tote, and the hardy Nicole by Nicole Miller purses Synthetic Hobo Purse. Even celebrities have their pick from this elite line, including Anjelica Huston, Beyoncé Knowles, Angelina Jolie, Brooke Shields, and LeAnn Rimes, as well as a complete wardrobe for Cyndi Lauper’s world tour.

The daringly unique trend of Nicole Miller styles and fashions is updated continually to provide the best options for the season. Recognized worldwide and hosted in an increasing number of popular retail shops and malls alike, Nicole Miller and the illustrious company is guaranteed not to fade from public recognition anytime soon.