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Patricia Nash has been in the designer handbag business for over 20 years. Throughout her career, she developed trendy products for a variety of reputable companies in the United States. The most popular businesses include Warner Bros, American Eagle, and Disney. In 2010, Patricia began designing products for her own brand called Patricia Nash Designs. These bags are available at Dillard's, Macy's, and other major department stores. Patricia Nash uses unique techniques to construct each handbag. Throughout a typical design process, she strategically implements hand-sewing, hand-dying, and hand-cutting procedures in order to make bags for consumers.

Bags by Patricia Nash are manufactured for people who need practical accessories with modern designs that can hold compact and bulky items. The floral Patricia Nash bags are suitable for teens because they're designed with bold colors that stand out. These colorful bags can be used confidently while running errands, as they have a zipper or buckle that keeps all items secured. Patricia Nash also provides bags with a solid color scheme, and these products are suitable for elegant events. These handbags always have a unique designer element that highlights the solid suede or leather material, such as fancy stitches and unique studs. Patricia Nash makes travel bags for consumers who take frequent vacations as well. Many of these products are large and have straps that distribute weight.

Many casual and classy bags are designed by Patricia Nash, and each product is spacious and stylish. The studded Patricia Nash bags are suitable for casual events because they have large studs scattered on the outer fabric, and the oil-rubbed Patricia Nash bags are ideal options for elegant occasions since the glossy notes and the floral effects are appealing. Patricia Nash's brown handbags can be paired with casual or elegant apparel, as these products have elements that are traditional and classy. A typical brown bag may have silver pieces, unique etches, or designer studs. Patricia Nash designs many other kinds of bags in a variety of colors, and each option will have a special design element.