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Hello Kitty Purses For Women

Hello Kitty was first introduced in 1974 by the Japanese company, Sanrio. Immediately popular in Japan, Hello Kitty made its United State debut in 1976. Originally marketed for younger girls, Hello Kitty has morphed into a multibillion-dollar industry that appeals to all ages and is instantly recognizable anywhere in the world. Hello Kitty turned 40 years old in 2014 and was generating over $7 billion a year by that time.

Hello Kitty is a white bobtail cat with a red bow over her right ear. Her most notable trademark is the lack of a mouth. The reason Sanrio gives for not giving Hello Kitty a mouth is that they don't want her to project any emotion. Hello Kitty is a canvas for people to project their own feeling onto. In addition, Hello Kitty never talks. This makes her an international icon that is not bound to any one country or language.

Since her introduction in 1974 Hello Kitty has been turned into television shows, theme parks, and a wide variety of products including school supplies, decor, kitchen appliances, jewelry, clothing, accessories, and more. One area that has been extremely popular are Hello Kitty purses, bags, and totes. Hello Kitty purses for women are fun and whimsical making them the perfect gift for anyone who appreciates this cultural phenomenon.

In addition to Hello Kitty purses and bags, there is a Hello Kitty line of clothing for both children and women. Many celebrities have embraced the Hello Kitty style and are frequently seen wearing Hello Kitty clothing and accessories such as Paris Hilton and Mariah Carey. Singer-songwriter Avril Lavigne who wrote and recorded a song titled "Hello Kitty" in 2013. From 1974 when Hello Kitty was first introduced, this little Japanese cat has become larger than anyone first imagined. Recognizable and marketed in every country in the world, Hello Kitty is a cultural icon.