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The story of Levi Strauss & Company is legendary and part of America's heritage. For generation after generation, the denim jeans have passed from rugged work pants for men to become an iconic fashion statement for women. Levi’s women jeans roots go back to 1918, when Freedom-alls, a tunic/trouser outfit that offered women freedom from restrictive clothing, was introduced by the company. The rest, as they say, is history.

It would have probably been difficult for Levi and Jacob to envision the501 skinny Levi’s women jeans with fitted legs and distressed areas throughout. They have become a favorite for teen girls with sneakers to celebrities pairing them with sexy strappy stilettos. For a vintage-inspired look choose the501 mid-rise straight Levi’s women jeans. Both nostalgic and contemporary, this version of Levi’s women jeans fits straight through the hip and thigh and emphasizes durability.

Levi Strauss was born in Bavaria in 1829. His father, Hirsch Strauss died of tuberculosis in 1846. Levi and his sisters immigrated to New York to work for Hirsch's brothers who owned an NYC-based wholesale dry goods business. The California Gold Rush wave hit the East and Levi left for San Francisco to find his fortune panning gold. As it turned out, the "gold" became Levi Jeans. Levi established a west coast version of his uncles' business and named it Levi Strauss & Company. In 1872, Levi received a letter from a Reno, Nevada, tailor by the name of Jacob Davis. Davis described a unique way of sewing pants by using rivets at points of strain to make them last longer. Davis wanted a partner to work with him and patent the idea. In 1873, the patent was granted and blue jeans were born. In 1886, the quintessential two-horse leather patch appeared on the XX jean. In 1890, the XX jean received the iconic 501 lot number.