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When young Guccio Gucci worked in Paris and London as a hotel worker, he loved the expensive leather luggage that the hotel guests brought with them. Before Gucci left for his hometown of Florence, he went to the leather manufacturer H.J. Cave & Sons. When Gucci got to Florence, he opened a shop that sold leather goods that had high quality, classic styling to them. Gucci eventually bought three of his sons into his business. Shortly after doing this, Gucci expanded to put stores in Rome and Milan and other stores in Florence. Initially, Gucci sold leather accessories such as shoes, handbags, loafers, knitwear, and silks in his shops. Eventually, the iconic line added women's and later men's clothing to their stores.

People all over the world love Gucci because they make beautiful and stylish clothing that is of the highest quality. Parents who grew up loving and wearing the brand will want their children to wear the iconic double G's as they make their way on the playgrounds and schools.

When Gucci opened his first store in New York City, many celebrities posed in his clothing at movie premieres and photo shoots. This helped make his label go straight up in the fashion stratosphere. Today, celebrities such as Grammy Award-winning singer Rihanna, actor Blake Lively, Academy Award winner Brad Pitt, rapper Lil' Wayne, and actress Salma Hayek have all gotten spotted in Gucci.

These days, the children of celebrities have also gotten in on the baby Gucci trend. Celebrity kids that have gone Gucci include Skyler Berman, who is the son of celebrity stylist Rachel Zoe. Zoe reported that Skyler even had his own baby Gucci jacket. Meanwhile, actor and singer Jennifer Lopez's twins Max and Emme Anthony have worked as spokespeople for one of Gucci's children's lines. A lot of stylish kids and babies have gotten spotted in baby Gucci clothing. This trend will not change as the label has always committed itself to making clothing that will last for generations.
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