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My Little Pony Kids' Nursery, Clothes and Toys

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My Little Pony is a line of toys, games, and clothing originally developed by Hasbro and targeted at young kids and babies. The ponies are easily identified by brightly colored bodies; long and glittery manes; and a "cute mark" on either flank, such as a rainbow, heart, or crown. Other signature details are the My Little Pony graphic logo. Originally introduced in the 1980s, these toys and My Little Pony dresses continue to be popular today. Each pony is viewed as a collectible, and searching for ponies with unique "cute marks" has become increasingly common. The current My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic cartoon has spawned a collection of tie-in toys, games, and related My Little Pony dresses.

My Little Pony clothes are designed to be both durable and fun. Many tiny style influencers wear My Little Pony dresses on the playground, while splashing through mud puddles, or engaging in any number of other activities that make little girls and babies happy. Worldwide, the most popular items are My Little Pony graphic T-shirts, necklaces that feature characters from the My Little Pony cartoons, and sparkly sneakers.

My Little Pony toys and clothes are sold worldwide and have established the brand as one of the most fun labels for both kids and their parents. The designers are keenly aware of what kids, especially little girls, are looking for in their outfits: sparkly colors, big cartoon graphics, and motivational slogans. Each year, My Little Pony introduces new outfits and related toys that bring a fresh pop of color to the original collection.