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Rowenta Intense Pure Air Medium Automatic Air Filter Rowenta Intense Pure Air Medium Automatic Air Filter

Intense Pure Air Medium Automatic Air Filter;Thanks to its exclusive technology and 4 stages of filtration, this air purifier filters 99.97% of indoor pollution and permanently destroys Formaldehyde. Unique Rowenta Nano Captur technology-Destroys permanently Formaldehyde emitted by: cleaning products, pressed wood materials, building materials Captures 99.97% of pollution with True HEPA filtration including dust, pollen, pet dander, virus, bacteria, mold, exhaust and more Active carbon filter eliminates odors and harmful

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Rowenta DW3180 SteamCare Iron Rowenta DW3180 SteamCare Iron

Sharp creases and wrinkle-free shirts are less of a chore with the SteamCare iron from Rowenta, designed with hundreds of openings that deliver steam in bursts or a fine mist depending on what the garment needs. The iron's rounded back and precision point help the entire process go more smoothly. Model DW3180

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Rowenta Soleplate Cleaning Kit Rowenta Soleplate Cleaning Kit

Your iron will perform like new when you use the Rowenta Soleplate Cleaning Kit. Cleaning kit helps you obtain quicker and easier ironing.

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