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Imaginext Fisher-Price Shark Bite Pirate Ship
Imaginext Fisher-Price Shark Bite Pirate Ship

Yo, ho, ho! Be this a pirate ship or a giant shark? Actually its both! Those crafty pirate scallywags have disguised their ship to look just like a shark. Roll it along and the “fins” move, just like its swimming! To protect your treasure from Blackbeard and his raiders, push on a Power Pad to capture attackers in one BIG shark bite! Still more coming? Turn another Power Pad to aim the cannon and fire or push button on launcher to send projectiles flying! Now its all hands on deck for more high-seas adventures! Young buccaneers can throw prisoners in the brig that opens & closes ¦ have them walk the plank ¦ or hang ‘em from the yardarm. Want to make sure the treasures safe? Turn a Power Pad to reveal the secret hiding spot. (Whew, its still there!) Theres no end to the swashbuckling fun that little mates and their imaginations can create with this pirate ship playset. Imaginext Turn on Adventure! For ages 3 to 8 years.Features: Shark, ahoy! Roll ship along to make “fins” move Hungry for adventure? Push Power Pad to activate “shark biting” action and capture prisoners in the ships hull! Lift hatch to reveal captured prisoners Turn another Power Pad left to reveal the treasures hiding spot ¦ turn right to fire cannons! Includes Shark Bite Pirate Ship playset, 2 pirate figures, 2 helmets, 2 swords, 1 cannon ball, 4 projectiles, a spyglass and treasure Includes: accessory pieces figures pretend military accessories Material: plastic Dimensions: 16.00 inches H x 8.00 inches W Weight: 4.799 pounds Suggested Age: 3 Years and Up Battery: no battery used Care and Cleaning: Spot Clean only

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