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Versace Men's Belts

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Versace is an Italian luxury company that was founded by Gianni Versace in 1978. The brand produces Italian ready-to-wear and leather accessories. The famous Versace logo is the head of a Medusa, which is a Greek mythological figure. Gianni decided to use that logo because Medusa made people fall in love with her and they had no way back, which is what he wanted to do with his fashion company. Versace is known for its flashy prints and bright colors. Versace was one of the few designers who controlled everything about their brand, including designing and retailing. Versace gained widespread international coverage in 1994 due to the "Black Versace dress of Elizabeth Hurley."

Some popular items from the brand include the men Versace belt. There is the Black and Gold Medusa Medallion Belt made from buffed leather. The buckle is a medallion with an engraved logo and signature Medusa hardware face in antique gold tone. Another men Versace belt includes the Black Greek Key Bell made from buffed leather as well. The belt has a cinch fastening with a signature Greek key pattern. There is also another men Versace belt that is popular with customers, and that is the Versace Jeans Belt in Black with Large Stud Logo Buckle. The belt features an adjustable length and has the iconic Medusa logo as part of the belt buckle with metallic finishes. Some celebrities that have endorses the brand include Jennifer Lopez, when she debuted an iconic green dress back in 2000. Other celebrities include Naomi Campbell, Angelina Jolie, and Cindy Crawford.

Versace with its luxurious designs, quality products, and flashy prints makes it the perfect brand for wearing out on a fancy party/dinner night. Versace fashion offers comfort along with style and elegance. You will feel like a million bucks on a night out with friends.