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Italy is known for their leather, and when many people think Italian leather, the first name that comes to mind is Versace. Visionary designer Gianni Versace launched the brand in 1978, and it has since become an icon of the fashion world. Versace has come to be known for their use of bright colors and ostentatious patterns, and in the time since their first launch, they've come to represent more than just a respected manufacturer of leather clothing and bags. They offer everything from flashy gold jewelry to colorful and vibrant shirts and jeans. You can easily identify a Versace item by their unique logo: an ornate interpretation of Medusa's face drawn from Roman ruins.

Given the prestige of the brand and the loudness of its style, wearing Versace clothes men is always a fashion statement. It's little surprise then that Versace has become enthusiastically embraced by hip-hop culture. Everyone from Tupac Shakur to 2 Chainz to P. Diddy has sported Versace looks, and multiple rappers have memorialized the flamboyant brand in their verses. Ostentation is the name of the game with Versace, and some of their most outspoken products are their most popular. Popular Versace clothes men include the decadently luxurious gold Dylos Icon watch and their comfortably cool black down shiny jacket.

Since Gianni's tragic passing in 1997, his sister Donatella Versace has taken over creative control of the company, and she's moved enthusiastically towards embracing the relationship between Versace and the hip-hop community when styling Versace clothes men. A blend of upscale sensibilities and urban style has become the trademark of the Versace brand. Despite its robust growth throughout the world, Versace has managed to stay a family business, and the close relationships that permeate every level of the company allow them to maintain a laser-focused vision on providing unique show pieces to discerning tastes. Today, the family operates over 1500 boutique stores throughout the world.