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Mens Seersucker Pants

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With temperatures rising, it becomes critical for every man to change his wardrobe accordingly. This requires not just swapping the long-sleeved shirt for a shorter sleeve option or switching from pants to shorts. Higher average temperatures mean it's not only time to change the look but also the fabric as well. More than switching style, it’s turning how an individual feels while maximizing comfort in the warmer seasons. To accomplish that, the wools at home take a backseat and give way to a different kind of fabric that keeps the wearer feeling and looking at his very best – with men seersucker pants.

As tempting as it is to bring out the old pairs of shorts out as temperatures rise again, this is not always a possibility. There’s a job to consider that requires a certain amount of decorum. Men seersucker pants offer the wearer a rich, vibrant history thanks to their professional uniform looks. Pants like the Tommy Hilfiger cotton seersucker pants look professional while being comfortable. The business casual look is still well within reach in spring and summer.

The term seersucker is derived from the Hindi word “sirsakkar,” which is in itself borrowed from the Persian “shiroshakarr” – meaning milk and sugar. The fabric was first popular in Britain’s warmer weather colonies such as the British India. When it made its way into the United States, seersucker fabric was an instant hit, especially with the Southern man that preferred light materials better suited for the region’s humidity and heat. In 1996, Senator Trent Lott introduced Seersucker Thursday to the U.S. Congress. Unfortunately, the practice was stopped in 2012.

The beauty of men seersucker pants is that they do not have to represent a considerable shift in the wardrobe. The pants can be worn with the usual button-down combination for work. Pieces like Vivienne Westwood seersucker pants can be worn in summer, making the legs feel like they are breathing. Seersucker is a fabric change that leaves a wardrobe feeling a little dressier, and a bit more ready for the hot weather.