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Cult of Individuality Men's Jeans

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Cult of Individuality, better known in fashion circles simply as Cult, is an American fashion brand that specializes in jeans. They do make other apparel and accessories, but they are by far best known for their jeans. Cult is one of many fairly new American fashion brands that primarily make high-quality and highly unique jeans. They have quickly gained a following amongst jean enthusiasts for their premium materials, edgy designs, and relatively reasonable price points. Cult's market share in the rapidly growing and increasingly competitive premium denim market is increasing and has been for several years. Their sexy and irreverent marketing has introduced them to the younger demographic.

Cult has a wide variety of different styles of jeans. One of their most popular designs is the "Rebel," which is a straight-leg jean with a medium-dark wash. This jean design features a zipper closure. It also has a unique pattern of rips, which set these jeans apart from Cult's other offerings. One of these other offerings is the "McCoy." These jeans are moderately distressed and feature several rips up and down the legs. They are not as distressed as the "Rebel" design, so they are appropriate for a wider range of contexts. The "McCoy" jeans have a very dark wash. They are cut to a loose fit for greater comfort.

Despite the brand's relatively short history, several celebrities are known to be fans of Cult jeans. Orlando Bloom, for example, is known to be a fan. Colin Farrell is another well-known actor that has been spotted wearing a pair of Cult jeans. Many everyday guys that look up to male celebrities for fashion ideas have started wearing Cult jeans. The brand has gotten a great deal of free publicity and exposure due to celebrities wearing their clothes, and this trend looks to be accelerating.