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In 1989, the G Star brand began developing blueprints for stylish jeans. Because their team was highly innovative, the company was one of the first businesses to introduce luxury denim jeans to consumers. The products that G Star designers create have unique elements because a high level of craftsmanship drives their business. Many jeans in the traditional product line have special effects, as the fashion teams implement tactical procedures to give each blue jean item a trendy and stylish appearance. Many processes involve a variety of washes and treatments, and these steps produce fashions that have characteristics that appeal to modern consumers.

G Star jeans are popular among urban crowds because the denim jeans have styles and colors that can be paired with a variety of tees and sneakers. Teens who play sports wear G-Star jeans because the baggy designs don't restrict their comfort. The fashionable elements that are featured on the distressed jeans appeal to consumers of all ages. These kinds of jeans have strategically placed tears that make the denim material edgy and trendy. Jeans by G Star are fashionable and popular because the company uses denim that encourages proper air circulation, and consumers can easily pick a product that provides ideal comfort since slim, tapered, traditional, and loose varieties are available.

All of the jeans that G Star manufactures with standard denim colors are available in different styles. Some jeans that are designed with light blue denim, and many products are made with dark blue material. Acid wash jeans by G-Star are also available. These jeans are made with a traditional blue jean fabric that's slightly faded. G Star makes jean products that don't feature general colors, such as pants with specks of paint. All G Star jeans always have convenient pocket options for holding general accessories. Most traditional products have four pockets, and a few of the jeans from the faded-fabric product line have five pockets. G Star designers make many other blue jean options for consumers, and all G Star jeans are made with comfort denim material.