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PRPS Men's Jeans

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PRPS is a fashion pioneer in many ways; with its establishment in 2002, PRPS has led the way in bringing luxury, Japanese denim jeans to the United States all by the drive of PRPS' founder Donwan Harrell, an acclaimed fashion designer at the foremost. The best part about PRP Jeans is that each individual article is meticulously inspected and overlooked by Donwan Harrell himself, ensuring that each minute aspect is perfect and the consumer gets the best quality jeans available.

PRPS has numerous imprints and designs so everyday fashionistas can get the exact look to complement their outfit or lifestyle. From their high-class NOIR jeans dyed with natural indigo to their Japanese and Goods & Co imprint, PRP Jeans is destined to have the goods for any fashion-conscious consumer.

But looks aren't everything, and Donwan Harrell understands that. That is why these bad boys are made from raw, natural Japanese cotton, giving the buyer a daring look while traveling in absolute comfort to boot. Also, because of the individualized nature of their production, PRPS Jeans are durable and will last as long as you need them to. The only real setback about PRP Jeans is that they have a difficult time meeting their demand with their supplies, seeing how each piece is overlooked to the very T. They're like paintings; they take not only time but also imagination and creativity to construct them. You can't rush art, and you certainly can't expect anything less than art from PRPS. Donwan Harrell has made it clear that quality denim is his life (he refers to himself as a denim geek), and his products make that fact crystal clear.

PRPS is an exquisite choice for a fashion conscious, higher-class person who is shopping for quality, style, and overall performance. It's all attributed to the hard work of one designer who decided to push the envelope of excellence in denim.