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Gucci Men's Polos

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While working at the Savoy Hotel in London as a porter, Guccio Gucci became inspired by the smart luggage accompanying hotel guests. After returning to his native Florence, Italy, Gucci founded a leather goods store in 1921, and thus the luxury Italian clothing and accessories brand was born. Gucci integrated the lavish lifestyle of the rich with the craftsmanship of Tuscan artisans, which is what made his name successful.

Eventually expanding to stores in Milan and Rome, fine leather accessories, especially leather handbags imprinted with the Gucci logo, were the first successful items.

A Gucci polo shirt may be one of the most popular items, but Gucci products have always been known for their unique style and designs. Gucci scarves have also been among the most popular items. Gucci scarves were a favorite of Princess Grace of Monaco in the 1960s. To this day, Gucci continues to be the most expensive worldwide brand for consumer goods. The company continues to donate funds to help those who need it.

As one of the most iconic and expensive brands in the world, Gucci has more than 270 outlets where shoppers can find its famous products, making it easy if you are willing to go to brick and mortar stores. However, finding good Gucci deals online, including a Gucci polo shirt, is more difficult.

If you are interested in finding some of the most popular Gucci items online, browsing through iconic items, such as these Gucci loafers, can help point you to other popular things, such as a Gucci polo shirt. No matter what strikes your fancy, whatever you choose will have the backing of generations of Tuscan artisans who crafted the original Gucci leather goods. Remember, the Gucci name is consistent not only with style but with the best clothing and accessories products that are on the market.