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The Gucci collar shirt takes any style up a notch with its classy collared polo and button-down shirts designed by Gucci, and they are made of 100% cotton, silk, or suede for ultimate comfort. They are also available in a wide range of colors, including yellow, navy, white, black, light blue, stripe, plaid, and more. Some are also embroidered with Gucci's signature animal motif or include different prints, such as Gucci prints, floral prints, panther prints, and more, to suit various tastes.

Gucci is known for its wholehearted approach to fashion which began in the 19th century with founder Guccio Gucci's admiration of his native city of Florence's luxury fashion and skilled craftsmanship, which soon led to the opening of his own shop that initially started with high end fashion, clothing, and leather goods and later expanded to also include shoes, handbags, and finely crafted leather accessories, and even prompted the brand's expansion into other regions, including Milan, Rome, New York, and more.

Today, Gucci is established as one of the world's largest Italian luxury brands of fashion and leather goods and still continues to provide the same top-notch goods and quality craftsmanship that Florence, Italy is known for. The brand also further expanded its products to include high-quality jewelry, ties, watches, eyewear, and more, and even went on to design the first handbag handles and shoulder straps as well as its signature butterfly design, which was featured on a dress worn by actress Zendya Coleman during the Greatest Showman premier. They also introduced various other designs, including the GG logo for belts, the Gucci loafer with the snaffle-bit ornament, and the Gucci collar shirt, whose most popular styles include the Gucci Cotton Polo, the Gucci Striped Oxford cotton shirt, and the Gucci Long Sleeve Striped Zest Polo.

The Gucci collar shirt is available with a webbed collar, a round collar, or a camp collar, and more, to satisfy different preferences.