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Alfani Men's Shoes

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A day at the beach need not mean sacrificing style. From the right bathing suit to a great pair of shoes, the shore is one place to show off your fashion sense. For many woman, it all starts with the feet. Fabulous beach sandals are a must.

Women want flip flops that are casual and comfortable but also provide lots of protection and support. Flip flops have become increasingly popular in recent years. Designers have come to realize a basic pair can serve as a canvas for their imagination. Many women have embraced the black wedge flip flop and come to rely on it when putting an outfit together for a day on sands with a large umbrella and good company. A black wedge flip flop can be divided into two general categories. A standard black flip flop is one in a solid color. Another type typically has some sort of pattern on it often in a contrasting color such as gold or red.

These plain black Havaianas High Fashion wedge flip-flops are indicative of how well black looks without any further embellishment. The classic curved lines help highlight carefully painted toenails and tanned feet. With a subtle wedge, the shoe allows for enough support at both ends of the foot. By contrast, the pattern takes center stage in many kinds of other black wedge flip flops. These playful and yet sophisticated Tory Burch Wedge Flip Flops are ideal. The black wedge flip flop has an exuberance to it that is perfect when paired with a dress in a different solid shade and a pair of fashionable sunglasses. The flip flop is easy to put on and even easier to take off while putting one's toes in the local waters. Many different interpretations help women find the one they like best.