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Coach Men's Shoes

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Coach started out as a family business. Founded by Lillian and Miles Cahn in 1941, this famous brand had its first headquarters in the family's apartment. Coach quickly became known for its reliable, well-made, great-looking bags. Today, the brand is still known mostly for ladies' handbags. But in the past 50-plus years, coach has expanded into other areas. Wallets, shoes, sunglasses and other accessories are among the other goods made by Coach today.

Coach shoes for men come in a variety of styles. There are modern streetwear looks, including kicks that rival anything made by Nike or Adidas. But the classic shoes remain among the most popular. Wingtips and canvas sneakers are perennial favorites. But Coach loafers men’s are among the best shoes this company makes, period.

The Manhattan loafer is a great example of an update on a vintage look. This Coach men's loafer is updated with a contrasting sole and contrast stitching. But everything else, from the saddle colored leather to the materials used, is true to the original style. The Manhattan also comes in a black version. The reddish sole in this version is a really unexpected and refreshing twist. This design pays homage to the prep-school staple while tweaking it enough to be interesting. This is one reason everyone from professionals to hipsters love Coach loafers men’s so much. They're respectful updates, not snarky deconstructions.

The Bleecker Wingtip is another update that borrows from Coach loafers men’s of years gone by. Although these are not true loafers that slip on, they borrow the classic wingtip styling from 20th century loafers. The Bleecker Wingtip is a great nod to the loafer. This shoe is casual enough to be worn with jeans. It adds a dressy touch to any outfit. Coach men's loafers are a wonderful way to update any man's wardrobe.