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Heelys Men's Shoes

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Heelys is an edgy and fun American shoe brand that specializes in unique footwear. When Roger Adams first patented his cross between inline skates and sneaker in 1999, he might not have realized just how much of a revolution he was getting ready to start. Each pair of Heelys shoes features removable wheels attached to the soles. These wheels let the person wearing them to shift their weight back to their heels and roll as if they were wearing skates.

Leaning forward lets the wearer walk or run the same way they could with any other pair of sneakers. Lowering the back of the foot until the sole touches the ground is enough to come to a complete stop when wearing Heelys. Devotees of the shoes love how they can get the hang of skating and walking in them in no time flat. The Force, Hustle, Launch and Motion shoes are among the most popular Heelys for men worldwide. Their newer X2 line of Heelys for men is also garnering a good deal of attention. All Heelys X2 shoes come with two wheels in each heel. While they're usually promoted in youth sizes, Heelys for men from the X2 line are every bit as popular as those for children.

Internet celebrity Toby Turner, better known as Tobuscus, has been caught wearing Heelys Fray sneakers and more than one occasion. He's not the only one either. More people have picked up a pair of shoes from this quirky fashion brand ever since advanced Heelys users started to promote a series of tricks. Practiced users can perform several ground stunts and Heelys with nylon pads can even be used to grind a rail the same way a skateboard can. The brand has even promoted this aspect of the shoes by holding an official video competition. Any pair of Heelys can be the right pair if you're looking to add a little extra motion to your shoe collection.