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Rick Owens started the line that bears his name in 1994 in Los Angeles. Owens had just two years of design training at the time. Early on, he focused on knitwear and leather garments. His designs became popular within the burgeoning grunge scene, and even with some hair metal rockers. Over the past two decades, Owens has moved production to Europe and expanded into shoes and accessories. His innovative styles have become some of the most sought-after shoes and sneakers in the world. They appeal to outsiders and art lovers everywhere.

Owens makes everything from casual classics to futuristic boots that wouldn't look out of place at NASA. The black and white cap toe sneaker is an affectionate riff on the legendary Chuck Taylor shoe. It also comes in a high-top version. His Hoofdunk high tops are unique, to say the least.

His Originals Edition New Runner sneakers for Adidas have an unusual look. The elongated sole evokes the winged feet of Mercury. These sneakers come in various colorways. There's also the Viscous, which takes an entirely new approach to an athletic sole. Support is provided to the heel and toe, while the arch is suspended above both points. That's not the only surprise in the Rick Owens shoes collection. He also makes an unusual deconstructed Mastodon deck shoe.

Owens doesn't just make sneakers. Rick Owens shoes include sandals and boots. The Black Island Sabot is a classic wooden-soled sandal with a classic black leather upper. Vicious slides feature a minimalist exterior, with a warm and cozy shearling lining. Rick Owens boots include the sturdy, punk-inspired Lace-Up Creeper. He also has a take on the classic Army boot. Rick Owens shoes makes something for every man who wants something innovative and unusual. There's something for everyone from the hipster to the adventurous preppy.