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Mens Red Sole Shoes

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Some consider Christian Louboutin to be the inventor of the red bottom shoes. The modern men's red bottom dress shoes are supposed to have some connection to a bull that becomes angry when it sees red. Bulls are also a Wall Street symbol of a rising market. Therefore, red bottom shoes might be worn by rising stars. Red is a hot color, allowing men to get attention quickly.
Some red bottom shoes are associated with royalty or aristocracy. Men have many different styles for their red bottom dress shoes, including crocodile loafers, washed leather driving shoes, fringe leather loafers, slip-ons, burnished leather double monk shoes, moccasins, Oxfords, and Venetian loafers. Some of these models have a distinctive history behind them and are worn by very prestigious individuals. The Venetian loafer is rather simplistic with an upper section that can be slipped on easily. There are plenty of adornments, including appliques, bees, tassels, slotted straps, and vamps. Oxfords might be more popular at universities. Make a big splash with men's red bottom dress shoes.