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UGG Men's Slippers

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Ugg boots have long been popular in Australia. This type of boot is very sturdy and great for people who work with sheep. Similar boots have always been made by shepherds and shearers in Australia. Uggs themselves have been mass-produced since at least the 1930s. They quickly became a favorite with the public.

Uggs are durable, practical and have a unique look. By the 1960s, they had spread to Australian coastal communities, where they were a big hit with surfers and other beach-goers. Uggs became known among American surfers by the 1970s. They became famous in America during the late 1990s.

In recent years, the Ugg brand has expanded into other footwear, not just boots. Though Uggs have traditionally been unisex, they currently make separate lines for men and women. Uggs slippers for men are some of the comfiest footwear on the market. The Ascot suede and shearling slipper is inspired by moccasins and comes in several colors. These are great slippers for cold winter mornings. They keep your toes toasty while getting the paper. The Hanz, too, offers great full coverage for maximum warmth. It comes in black and goes with anything from pajamas to blue jeans.

Uggs slippers for men also include the Scuff. This slipper has a more traditional slipper shape. These are great for pottering around the house, or when going from the pool to the house. They're a comfy choice, and not too warm to wear during the summer. The Tasman is also a more traditional-looking slipper. It features nice embroidered detailing around the opening for your foot.

Uggs slippers for men offer something for everyone from surfer dudes to pragmatic workers. Uggs are made of high-quality materials. There's a reason this brand has become a status symbol. They surpass other slippers for durability and warmth.