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Burberry is a company that designs many apparel products for teens and grown-ups. The main headquarters is located in London, England. In 1856, the Burberry brand was established. Although Burberry was developed many decades ago, modern designers continue to develop practical products at the London headquarter. Burberry manufactures stylish trench coats, traditional seasonal apparel, and trendy accessories. Multiple winter items for men are designed by Burberry as well, such as Burberry long-sleeve shirts and sweatshirts. The company also offers products that pair nicely with the apparel items; this product line includes cosmetics and fragrances.

Sweatshirts by Burberry are worn by many consumers because they're manufactured with practical fashion elements. A typical Burberry sweatshirt will have a solid stitched fabric or a zipper that increases air circulation. Underneath most sweatshirts, there is another printed fabric that's stylish and appealing. Pieces that are designed this way give consumers options when they match winter accessories. Burberry oversized sweatshirts also have unique design features, and they're suitable options for athletes who play winter sports. An oversized Burberry sweatshirt has large pockets and long, comfortable sleeves.

Hooded Burberry sweatshirts are available for general winter routines. A traditional hooded Burberry sweatshirt for men is made with a cotton material. Burberry also makes sweatshirts out of a fleece fabric. Fleece options are designed with a spacious pocket and comfortable, long sleeves. Many of the Burberry sweatshirts that are suitable for teens have a printed design. Designer apparel pieces are stylish because the graphics blend nicely with the color of the sweatshirt material. Tactical winter sweatshirts for men are designed by Burberry as well. These apparel products have a cozy hood with an adjustment string and thick sleeves that boost comfort during winter activities in outdoor environments. Burberry offers thick sweatshirts, sporty sweatshirts, and many other winter products, and each piece has a color scheme that doesn't clash with typical winter items.