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Burberry Ties

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The Burberry tie, with its signature Burberry pattern, offers the perfect expression of professionalism and style for a debonair look that is sure to stand out whether on the job or attending a special occasion. Furthermore, it is woven from the finest materials, like silk, cashmere, linen, and even wood flannel for chilly evenings.

It is also available in a myriad of other sophisticated prints, including paisley prints, striped prints, solid prints, checked prints, polka-dot prints, and more, each exquisitely matched amidst a background of appealing colors, including rare hues like mineral gray, lavender blue, and lilac, as well as much-loved classic hues, like black, navy, light blue, and more, to suit various personalities.

The history of Burberry began with its iconic rainwear that was designed using its own innovative gabardine fabric, which provided a weatherproof and breathable coat like no other. As a result, the brand also went on to invent the trench coat, which was summoned by the 1920th-century military who required the avant-garde material for its lightweight and protective qualities while in the field. Soon after, the material also caught the eye of various famous explorers, including Sir Ernest Shackleton who needed the fabric's protection to weather the harsh conditions of his expeditions.

Currently, Burberry still enjoys the same strong reputation for quality and style that founder and outdoor clothing specialist Thomas Burberry first established in 1879. In fact, many well-known people can often be spotted sporting the brand, including Zac Efron, Barack Obama, Andy Samberg, and more.

Still a distinguished maker of superior outdoor wear, Burberry has also expanded its brand to include fragrance, home decor, scarves, sweaters, shirts, the Burberry tie, whose most popular styles include the Burberry modern-cut check tie, the Burberry classic bow tie, the Burberry silk floral print tie, and more.

The Burberry tie is available in various cuts, including modern cut, slim cut, classic cut, and bow ties to fit a variety of occasions.