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Salvatore Ferragamo is a luxury fashion business that provides Italian apparel products to consumers. This brand designs leather items, trendy shoes, and designer accessories.

Ties by this fashion brand are made with professional-grade silk twill. In order to design accessories that appeal to many kinds of consumers, the designers include different graphics on the main fabric materials. Bold, bright colors and elegant neutral tones are used to make many of the available Salvatore Ferragamo ties. These shades are used on the background fabric so that consumers can strategically pair each tie with a white or blue dress shirt. The patterns and graphics on a typical Ferragamo tie vary as the placement of the printed graphics can impact the overall design. This is the reason why some Ferragamo ties are designed with horizontal patterns or vertical patterns.

This fashion brand designs many ties that can be worn with a variety of outfits during different occasions. The Regal Dog printed Ferragamo tie is a practical option for pet fans. Light blue and dark blue are traditional color options for this particular tie. The Double Gancini Ferragamo tie benefits men who need an accessory that has a traditional design scheme, as this product has a neutral color tone. Multiple designer elements run along this tie horizontally, so it can be paired easily with dress shoes and a shirt. Salvatore Ferragamo also designs ties that blend well with casual and formal suits. Gancini Jacquard printed ties have design elements and a practical color scheme that can highlight a variety of fashionable suits by many reputable brands. Sports-themed ties are also available for casual outfits; these products are bold because bright colors and fabrics are used during the design process. Many other ties also available by the Salvatore Ferragamo brand can enhance different suits and blazers.