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Michael Kors began building his fashion brand in 1981. Because he used many trendy fabrics to make different fashion items, the company gained brand awareness. As a result, Michael Kors won multiple awards for his luxury fashion products. Many of the most popular items are stocked at the Michael Kors stores that are built throughout the United States and in other countries. In the United States, there are stores in Chicago, Beverly Hills, and New York, and these stores and many other outlets stock handbags, shoes, and men Michael Kors wallet products.

Men Michael Kors wallet products give consumers opportunities to store and manage important items with ease while on the go. The multiple color options suit men who wear casual or fancy apparel because the tones are bold and neutral. Teens can use the flat-based wallet confidently as these items have convenient slots on the outer material that hold cards and money, and the folding wallets are practical options for businessmen since they're designed for many compartments for credit cards, business cards, and cash. Michael Kors also designs wallets for people who need a high level of security. These products are constructed out of a durable leather material, and a strong zipper runs along the edge of the fabric.

Military-themed wallets and traditional wallets with a solid color scheme by Michael Kors are available, and both options are manufactured in a flat and folding style. Harrison, B-Fold, Odin, and Jet Set wallets are made with traditional fabrics that blend well with casual or elegant apparel. Leather and suede are the main fabric materials that are used to make men Michael Kors wallet products. Patterns and effects are typically placed on the outer fabric to give each wallet flair. All wallets by Michael Kors are strategically constructed, so the stitching won't weaken when multiple items are placed in the compartments.