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UGG Mules & Clogs

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Ugg footwear seems to be made for those who live in colder climates. The basic Ugg clog might have imitation or real fur on it to keep your foot warm. And it is no wonder since the basic Ugg clog has its origins in the twin-faced sheepskin footwear found in Australia and New Zealand. Sheepskin is soft material that makes your body feel oh so warm and fuzzy. Aussies used the word ugg to refer to utilitarian footwear needed for warmth. Interestingly enough, Aussie surfers also wore these Ugg boots, and you might have seen them in old-time Beach Boys videos or in Annette Funicello movies. These are kind of hippie surfer types of clogs.

An Ugg clog allows a woman to stand out. She can enjoy both form and function with her Ugg clog from Down Under. The Ugg footwear tends to be quite affordable. The Ugg Kassi round-toe suede mules come in a beautiful light brown color. You can look good even while shoveling snow. The Ugg Adele women’s round-toe suede black mules have a nice fringe at the top to keep out the snow. The Ugg Theresa women’s brown mules are more simplistic. These are nice slip-ons for wearing around the house or at the cabin. Upgrade your bedroom slippers to the Ugg Aira or Ugg Tamara slippers. The Ugg Kassi genuine shearling platform clog has an interesting seam right down the middle. The Ugg canvas wedged mule is nice and comfortable. The Ugg Fluff Momma Mongolian clog has a 1-inch flat heel with heavy black lamb fur protecting your beautiful foot. Ugg takes simplicity and functionality to the next level. Its forebear was a work boot from Down Under. Now hippie surfers have their Ugg clog. Sheepskin interiors keep your feet toasty and warm.