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Cadolle Geisha Panty
Cadolle Geisha Panty 

PRODUCT DETAILS Cadolle: Couture Collection – Cadolle is unique, dramatic and ready for center stage. This French brand has been known for dressing the most fashionable women since 1889. Each collection is detailed and seductive. Mix and match these couture pieces for an extraordinary look. • Cadolle: Geisha Panty • Sensual satin panty. • Chantilly lace bow with dazzling bead adorns the front. • Brazilian cut back. • Playful oversized ribbon ties secure fit at each side. Collection Details Learn More About Cadolle At the end of the 19th century and the time of the Belle Époque, Herminie Cadolle decided to liberate women by releasing their body of the corset and inventing the bra. In 1889 she filed a patent for her invention, called the corselet gorge, and founded her fashion house in Paris. Passed down for 6 generations and still belonging to the same family, the Cadolle House invokes a history of tradition in every piece of lingerie created. The Cadolle history is rich with 120 years of experience. Herminie Cadolle quickly became a fitter of bras to queens, princesses, dancers and actresses. She was also the first to use cloth incorporating elastic thread. Poupie Cadolle and her daughter Patricia are the 6th generation to run the company and keep the secrets of fine manufacturing. The foundation of the company combines beauty and technique to create a perfect link between a woman's body and the clothing that dresses her. In 1949, Cadolle won the Oscar International Fashion "Neiman Marcus" award, the most prestigious award of fashion in the United States. Cadolle's commitment to innovation and high standards continues to be honored with awards and recognition. Today more than ever, entering Cadolle is like entering a world apart.

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