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J Kara Petite Dresses

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Women who have a semi-formal evening party might like to add a J Kara dress to their ensemble. The primary size for J Kara dresses is petite, from 4 to 18. The colors include white, beige, blue, gray and black. Women can find dresses with sleeves or sleeveless.

An affordable J Kara dress allows you to enjoy a birthday party, wedding or anniversary. These are best for important events where there might be dancing afterwards. The Womens Petite Floral Beaded Gown is a simple fashion statement. The brand tends to be more on the conservative side. The Petite Beaded Empire Waist Gown has a sharp-looking top and flowing bottom.

Generally, the dresses are for parties, not the best for office work. Many of them are beaded, so they are quite delicate. You could wear a J Kara dress for cocktails. The Petite Short Sleeve Long All Over Beaded Dress nicely accentuates a woman's hips. The Beaded Chiffon Gown has a beautiful top with an inverted "V" at the waist section. Women can focus attention on the best parts of their figures. The Petite Beaded Gown with Scarf is a motherly option. It would be ideal for the mother of the bride. It also might work up at the cabin for a semi-formal get-together. The Petite Sleeveless Embellished Gown has a nice wrap on top. This would be ideal when you think it might become cool in the evening.

The Petite Beaded Overlay Sheath Dress is a cute little skirt. It looks like it could be part of a Roaring 20's dance off. Women can show off their beautiful knees and thighs, after getting in shape. The J Kara Petite Beaded Empire Gown has a butterfly shape on top. The Petite V-Neck Beaded Chiffon Gown is in a classy bluish-gray color.