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Pendleton Women's Petite Clothes

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Pendleton clothes are famous for their enduring qualities. Between the classic silhouettes, the high-quality materials and the appealing colorways, this brand's garments are typically wearable for many years.

Pendleton is a Portland, Oregon, based brand that has been around since 1863. Nowadays, the brand is best known for producing fine merino wool blankets, but their clothes and accessories also have a loyal following among consumers who want to support American-made products. Pendleton's famous woven wool blankets have been in production since the early 1900s when they originally opened their woolen mill. Today Pendleton remains a family-owned, vertically integrated manufacturing company. This means that Pendleton clothes and other products are all produced in-house; Pendleton staff oversees and completes each part of the manufacturing process from start to finish. Pendleton personnel select and process the raw wool, transform it into fabric and create the finished garments, accessories and home décor items that they sell to the public.

Pendleton's product offerings for petite women include knitted sweaters, knitted and woven tops, warm winter coats, hoodies, mufflers, pajamas and classic wool socks.

Many Pendleton clothes feature southwestern style designs with vibrant colors and interesting geometric or animal motifs. Since the brand's headquarters are in the Pacific Northwest, northwestern style design motifs also make appearances in their fashion collections from time to time. Polar bears, Navajo-inspired eye-dazzler motifs, eye-catching jacquard stripes and stylized argyle motifs are just a few of the vivid textile patterns that Pendleton has used to adorn the garments and accessories in their women's clothing collections. The classic plaid button-down wool shirt is another popular Pendleton wardrobe staple item. Some of the stylish Pendleton ponchos and shawls also feature the historic woven plaid designs for which the brand is famous. Pendleton clothes are a worthwhile purchase for the fashionable lady who wants her wardrobe staples to remain wearable and stylish far into the future.