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Forever 21 Plus Size Dresses

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In 1984, the very first Forever 21 store was founded in Los Angeles, California, by Do Wan Chang and his wife, Jin Sook Chang. The first original store still operates today. In the store, the Changs decided to sell designs similar to those a traveler would see in South Korea. This idea ended up delighting Los Angeles' Korean community. Now Forever 21 has stores in North and South America, the Middle East, Asia, and the United Kingdom. Throughout its years of operation, Forever 21 became known for their trendsetting offerings and their low prices. In their first years, they only sold women's clothing. Now they sell clothing for women, men, children, and plus-size women. The Forever 21 plus dress remains one of their most popular lines to this day.

Wearing a Forever 21 plus-size dress will help a woman feel her best when attending any event. The Forever 21 plus dress is a perfect addition to any fashion addicts closet. Wearing the little black dress will flatter your figure and emphasize any woman's curves. If you choose a lighter dress, pick a structured silhouette that will suit your figure. Feeling beautiful is the most important part of fashion and Forever 21 plus dresses can help you achieve your look no matter your size. You will also want a dress that fits your style and personality to make you shine when you walk into a room.

A lot of female celebrities over the years have declared their love for everything Forever 21. These include singer and actor Miley Cyrus and singer and actor Selena Gomez. But curvy and plus-size celebrities have also gotten into the act of shopping at this trendy store. Plus-size supermodel Ashley Graham became a spokesperson for Forever 21's plus-size line for women. Other female celebrities who have gotten spotted in a Forever 21 plus dress include celebs Demi Lovato and Jennifer Lopez.

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