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Kitten Heel Women's Sandals

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Kitten Heel Women's Sandals

Some women might not want to wear high heels everywhere. For them, wearing a kitten heel sandal might be more ideal. This allows them to complete more tasks, faster. Their legs will not become as tired with these short, slender heels. Generally, a kitten heel sandal is considered to have a height of only 1.5 inches (3.8 cm). The kitten heel might be best for occupations that require a woman to be on her feet to meet the public. Perhaps, a waitress or school teacher might prefer the shorter kitten shoe. Their feet will not ache as much.

There are many options for the best kitten heel shoes. Women can go with the open look. These have a minimal wire construction to support a female's ankle and toes. The Kitten Heel Glitzy Wedge Sandal is nice for a glitzy evening event. Some women like a solid heel. The Kitten Women's Wedge Sandals come in white or black. The Ghost Ankle Boots are a little more expensive, but they are worth the price. They cover the ankle and lower leg in black leather with an imitation stiletto heel. These Italian heels make women look like they are floating on air. There is a concealed side zap fastener to complete the appealing look. The Women's Becky Wedge Pump comes in gold metallic to shine as gals hit the dance floor. Or, women can lace up the Desert Wedge Suede Chocolate Brown Ankle High Pump. The kitten heel sandal is versatile. Women can get a slight elevation with the right kitten heel sandal. This can be work at work or play. Women can last longer with these lower profile, slender heels. Find the right kitten heel sandal to impress your friends, family and business partners.