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Glossier Moisturizing Moon Mask
Glossier Moisturizing Moon Mask 

For when you’re feeling dry. The most intensely hydrating treatment we could make: behold, the brightening, creamy dreamy Moisturizing Moon Mask. Sweet almond oil, plant-based squalane, and hyaluronic acid do a deep dive beneath the surface to visibly plump skin up with hydration, helping to smooth the appearance of fine lines and restore elasticity. Licorice root and lemon fruit extract work quietly behind the scenes to gently brighten and even out your complexion, while honey and aloe act as soothing agents. It’s perfect as a chaser to the Mega Greens Galaxy Pack, or whenever you need an extra dose of comforting moisture. Good for all skin types, this is a must-have mask that your face will thank you for. Size: 3 fl oz

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Glossier Soothing Face Mist
Glossier Soothing Face Mist 

For fresh, glowy skin all day long. Ever thought you’d spray water onto your face right after you washed it? No? Well, this isn’t just water, per se. It’s made with roses and aloe to hydrate, soothe, and leave you feeling fresh and awake, prepping your skin for the Priming Moisturizer. Also excellent as a makeup refresher and midday pick-me-up. Size: 4 fl oz / 118 ml

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Glossier Mask Duo
Glossier Mask Duo 

Two masks to put skin in its happy place. Our bestselling face masks are designed to work in harmony to hit the reset button on your skin. One detoxifies, while the other hydrates. The Mega Greens Galaxy Pack goes on first. Made with a gentle white kaolin clay base, plus vitamin-rich beauty foods—think of it as a juice cleanse for your face. Rinse, and follow with the Moisturizing Moon Mask . It’s formulated with honey, aloe, and plant-based squalane to plump skin up with moisture and restore elasticity. Meanwhile, licorice root and lemon extracts gently brighten. We recommend 20 minutes in each mask for a total skin makeover. Save $4 with the duo.

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Glossier Super Bounce
Glossier Super Bounce 

When you’re feeling dry. Hyaluronic Acid visibly plumps skin up with moisture and Vitamin B5 brings back elasticity for supple softness—the “bounce" you want. Good for skin depleted from hangovers, long layovers, blasting A/C, or high high heat. The smooth, silky texture soaks in without any stickiness or residue, for instantly softer skin. Super Bounce is an integral part of the Supers squad: three concentrated serums to refill your skin’s deficiencies, strengthening it day after day. Bonus: Bounce is your BFF for a blissfully even makeup application. Size: 0.5 fl oz / 15 ml

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Glossier Super Pure
Glossier Super Pure 

When you’re feeling stressed. Freaked-out skin, meet your match. The niacinamide and zinc in Super Pure visibly soothe redness and help calm blemishes, respectively—especially useful during that time just before your period. Junk food and stress are other skin-disrupting triggers that Super Pure helps counteract. It gets troubled skin in check and flushes out impurities, including excess sebum that builds up inside pores. The light, water-gel formula quickly absorbs into skin. Super Pure is an integral part of The Supers squad: three concentrated serums to refill your skin’s deficiencies, strengthening it day after day. In a poll of existing Super Pure daily users... _96% saw a reduction in redness within one week or less _79% said their blemishes were visibly less noticeable Size: 0.5 fl oz / 15 ml

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Glossier The Super Pack
Glossier The Super Pack 

Part of a well-balanced skincare routine. They’re supplements for your face: potent, fast-absorbing treatment serums packed with vital nutrients to bring your skin the boost it needs today. Because you’re not just a “skin type"—your needs change throughout the month, and your product lineup should help you adapt. Some days skin feels dull, like after an all-nighter. Enter: Super Glow . Some days it’s stressed and breaking out—sounds like a job for Super Pure . Super Bounce eases tight, dehydrated skin (think: hangovers, long flights). Use after cleansing, before moisturizer. Size: 0.5 fl oz / 15 ml each Save $19 on all three with The Super Pack.

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Glossier Wowder Duo
Glossier Wowder Duo 

Wowder plus the Wowder Brush. The powders you know mask skin’s texture with a 2-D effect and sop up oil into a cakey film that settles into fine lines. Wowder isn’t just skin-colored dust, so set your expectations high: it cuts shine, sets makeup, and blurs the appearance of pores. It’s the airiest formula possible, developed right alongside the suspiciously soft, perfectly dense Wowder Brush for targeted application. Together they leave skin with a glowy matte-not-flat finish—with zero white chalkiness, even under bright flash. In three adaptable shades, with pigment levels high enough to help Wowder go undetected on skin but not affect your skin tone. Save $7 with the duo.

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Glossier Priming Moisturizer Rich
Glossier Priming Moisturizer Rich 

Crème de Glossier. Everyone needs a luxurious face cream in their lineup—for nighttime, for wintertime, for any time your face needs nourishing, comforting hydration. This dense sumptuous cream is rich in ceramides and fatty acids, reinforcing the skin barrier and locking in moisture over time. Our Anti-Redness Complex and Oxygenating Agent are the priming ingredients, instantly making skin a smooth, dewy canvas for makeup (or not), just like our bestselling original Priming Moisturizer . Formulated with a balanced, non-greasy blend of shea and murumuru butters to melt perfectly into skin for a supremely lavish hydrating experience. Size: 1.7 fl oz / 50 ml

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Glossier Invisible Shield
Glossier Invisible Shield 

Daily sunscreen SPF 35 Not optional. If you don’t already use sun protection every day, now’s the time to start. If you do, good! Now it’s time for an upgrade. Introducing sunscreen for people who hate wearing sunscreen—a clear watergel formula filled with active microcapsules that instantly absorbs into skin with no greasy residue and zero white cast. It helps prevent sun damage and skin cancer, but also works to neutralize harmful free radicals, and keeps pollutant junk from getting in there in the first place—that’s the “+". We want you to use it every single morning as the last step in your skincare routine. We also want you to be informed. Scroll down to read the “How to use" section below. Size: 1 fl oz / 30 ml

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Glossier Priming Moisturizer
Glossier Priming Moisturizer 

Light and buildable moisture for a dewy, smooth canvas. “Priming" means that it instantly brings out the best in your skin, so you have a fresh, glowing canvas that’s ready for makeup (but looks so good you might want to wear less). The ideal base for Perfecting Skin Tint, it visibly plumps skin up with moisture to create cushiony bounce and an even texture, which helps minimize the appearance of pores—minus any heavy blurring ingredients. The anti-redness complex soothes and evens skin tone, leaving a clean, dewy, balanced finish. This comforting cream allows you to layer and build up to the perfect amount of moisture depending on climate, season, or how your skin’s feeling on any given day. Size: 1.7 fl oz / 50 ml

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Glossier Cotton Rounds
Glossier Cotton Rounds 

Deluxe natural facial cotton. The softest, smoothest, most efficient skincare cotton possible—and nothing else. Chemical-free, fragrance-free, and lint-free (so there are no fibers left behind), with a balanced thickness for strength and absorption. No deteriorating, no scratchiness, and no wasting precious product. Size: 60 count Claims: chemical-free, fragrance-free, lint-free, 100% cotton Full ingredient list Cotton Rounds Ingredients 100% natural cotton.

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Glossier Solution
Glossier Solution 

Transforms skin in four weeks. Unlike physical exfoliators that scrape off the surface of your skin, Solution gently sloughs dead cells away through chemical exfoliation, dissolving the bonds gluing problematic dead cells to the healthy skin beneath. With daily use, expect cleared acne and blackheads, smaller pores, and reduced redness. Skin’s texture will be smoother and softer, and the fabled glow of balanced, healthy skin will be in full force. Solution contains a particular 10% blend of three acid actives for maximum efficacy: Alpha Hydroxy Acid (AHA), Beta Hydroxy Acid (BHA), and Polyhydroxy Acid (PHA). Acids are your friend. Here’s the proof: In a clinical trial of Solution daily users, 3 out of 4 people said... AFTER 24 HOURS _Skin felt cleaner and softer; they felt Solution working right after they applied it. AFTER 1 WEEK _Skin looked smoother, brighter, and clearer. AFTER 2 WEEKS _Pores were smaller and skin looked glowy; Solution reduced blackheads including around the nose. AFTER 3 WEEKS _Solution unclogged pores and reduced redness; skin was more even. AFTER 4 WEEKS _7 out of 10 people said skin looked transformed. _3 out of 4 people said this was the solution they were looking for. _In a poll of Solution daily users with acne-prone skin, 94% said their skin was clearer. Size: 4.4 fl oz / 130 ml

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Glossier Haloscope
Glossier Haloscope 

Find your light. Skincare + makeup = Haloscope, the galaxy’s first dew effect highlighter. It’s a dual-delivery formula: the outer halo is infused with genuine crystal extracts for all-day enlightenment, with a solid oil core of vitamin-rich moisturizers for a hydrated, dewy finish. Expect an otherworldly sheen that’s never dry, never glittery. Comes in... Size: 0.19 oz / 5.5 g

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