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Skirts are one of the most versatile items in any woman's wardrobe. A long skirt made from wool is perfect for cold winter days. Shorter skirts are a wonderful choice for soft summer days. Skirts come in many different colors and styles. One popular option all year long is skirts in a shade of green or part of a pattern in which green is the dominant hue. Green skirts can be found in tones ranging from the very lightest mint to a dark forest or deep khaki. Green skirts can be worn in the summer as part of a floral theme with lighter patterns that draw in hints of both other kinds of green and other colors such as yellow and pink. A green skirt also works well in the fall and winter when paired with deep dyes of vibrant shades opposite it on the color wheel such as orange and red. Think about specifics such as the flow of the skirt and any additional details such as ruffles.

A single green skirt can serve as the basis for the rest of the outfit. For example, this asymmetric voile midi skirt in shimmering glowing green can be used with understated accessories such as black shoes or serve as a canvas with the addition of gold jewelry and a patterned jacket and top. Green skirts are a way to help add an element to any look that is both modern and yet classically feminine at the same time. This Sasha asymmetric, ruffled, fil coupé georgette skirt has a flow to it that brings to mind a day out at a picnic in the countryside or a sophisticated upscale party to celebrate an engagement. Time-honored sophistication is one that each woman can have on hand with the right sort of green skirt.