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Chloé Women's Sunglasses
Chloe, the French luxury fashion house, was founded by Gaby Aghion in 1952. A year later, Jacques Lenoir joined her as managing the business side, while Gaby worked on pursuing the creative growth of Chloe. The headquarters of Chloe can be found in Paris, France. Gaby's vision with Chloe was offer luxury ready-to-wear clothing, which was new at the time. Before the launch of the brand Chloe, luxury fashion houses only produced Haute Couture clothing. Gaby was not interested in creating clothing with stiff formality as seen in the 50's, so she decided to create a line that was off-the-rack. This clothing was high quality, body conscious clothes from fine fabrics, and soft, and luxury ready to wear clothing, which we see today.

See by Chloe is a younger line of Chloe luxury brand, which manufactured ready-to-wear handbags and accessories. This line was meant to target the younger generation, for those who were getting into the sophisticated styles. Popular accessories of Chloe are the Chloe sunglasses 2015. Some Chloe Sunglasses 2015 that are popular include; Chloe Round Oversized Sunglasses, Chloe Square Oversized Sunglasses, and Chloe Jayme Gradient Round Square Sunglasses. These are some of the few Chloe Sunglasses 2015 that many love to wear. Celebrities that are known to wear Chloe include Emma Stone, Maggie Gyllenhaal, Katie Holmes, Sienna Miller, Madonna, January Jones, and Cameron Diaz to name a few.

Chloe's Regional offices are in New York, Tokyo, Shanghai, Hong Kong, and Dubai. There are also Chloe boutiques located all over the world; New York City, Beijing, Las Vegas, Moscow, Bangkok, Kuwait, London, and Istanbul to name a few. Chloe has worked with famous artistic directors such as Karl Lagerfeld and Martine Sitbon. Chloe continues to bring a modern and high fashion sophisticated style to its customers; something that fits perfectly for everyone.