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Fossil Women's Sunglasses

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Fossil Sunglass Line

Fossil is an American fashion design company that was founded in 1984. The headquarters is based in Richardson, Texas. Starting out as a watch company, Fossil has expanded into leather goods and popular accessories such as Fossil sunglass accessories.

In the beginning Tom Kartsotis, a former Texas A&M student recognized the potential profit to be made by importing quality goods produced overseas and marketed here in the United States. He named his fledgling company "Overseas Products International." At this time, Swiss-based Swatches were the hottest item that everyone was wearing. Kartsotis placed an order for 1500 watches in Hong Kong and sold them to various stores and boutiques In the Dallas area.

Kartsotis had a desire to design his own brand of watches, so he hired his friend and future wife, Lynne Stafford. The two scoured all the old Time, Look, and Life magazines looking for inspiration. They recognized the potential nostalgia in 30s, 40s, and 50s fashion styles. Stafford and Kartsotis designed a line of watches based on these retrospective styles and marketed them to younger consumers.

By 1987 Fossil, as it was now named, had reached $2 million a year in sales. The next two years saw explosive growth, and by 1989 their sales were over $20 million wholesale. This enabled Fossil to branch out into leather goods such as handbags, wallets, and belts. At this time, Fossil was also able to expand their reach into the international market. In 1993 Fossil went public with their initial offering of stock shares in the company.

The incredibly popular Fossil sunglass line was introduced in 1995. Since that time Fossil has opened over 20 retail outlets and is sold in over 50 countries. Fossil continues to offer fashionable watches and accessories with unique designs at an affordable price.