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H&M Women's Swimwear

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H&M, which stands for Hennes and Mauritz, is a Swedish clothing retailer that offers fashionable items at an affordable price. H&M has over 4500 store locations worldwide in more than 60 different countries. Along with their numerous physical locations, H&M has a significant online presence as well. H&M's ability to transfer the latest runway trends into designs that can be worn by the everyday consumer is the company's claim to fame.

Throughout the years H&M has partnered with many brands and celebrities. Some noteworthy collaborations include designers such as Karl Lagerfeld, Stella McCartney and more recently, Alexander Wang. The list of celebrities that have worked with H&M is very impressive as well. H&M's collaboration with celebrities like Beyoncé goes to show that this brand is no stranger when it comes to working with the biggest names in the industry. In the 2013 campaign, Beyoncé showcased assorted H&M swimsuits that were designed in bright colors and fun patterns. Although the swimsuit styles from the campaign are no longer available in stores, H&M still has many more trendy options for shoppers to choose from. A recent trend in H&M swimsuits has been one piece swimwear. This style is excellent for those who want to try a look that differs from just the standard two-piece bikini. When trying to achieve a more classic and elegant look, there is not much that can beat a simple black swimsuit. There are definitely a lot of chic, black H&M swimsuits to choose from online and in stores.

When it comes to clothing retail, H&M is a seasoned brand that knows how to appeal to a vast audience around the world. It provides countless options that can appeal to many fashion tastes. The brand is continually growing, evolving, and adapting to the fashion needs of its trendy consumers.